Monday, May 15, 2006

How to change DataOne Password? Changing BSNL Broadband password

DataOne broadband password can be changed in the web site.
DataOne password can be changed in following simple steps.
Step 1. Goto
Step 2. Login using your current username & password.
Step 3. Click on Change password.
Step 4. Enter your old password and new password.
Done! Your dataone password is changed. From next login use the new password.

Note : Enter your new password in your ADSL modem / Broadband dialing properties also.
Use Internet Explorer to to access change password site.( Firefox not supported)
Click here to change DataOne password.

Monday, May 08, 2006

BSNL DataOne Broadband Unlimited Plan - MCU Charges/Pulse Explained

What is the MCU Charges/Pulse ?
MCU stands for Metered Call Unit.
For BSNL's DataOne Broadband Unlimited Plan users, the voice calls will be charged Rs 1.00/- per unit. It is nothing to do with internet data transfer. Internet usage is 100% free. Only voice calls are charged.
The good news is, for users of Unlimited DataOne plan, there is no additional rental for their phone.
In brief, for Rs 900/- you get a rent free landline connection + unlimited broadband. ( Eg : Now if you are paying Rs 180/- as landline rental, put additional Rs 720/- and get unlimited broadband connection).
The plan is applicable only for home users. The speed will be 256Kbps.

Thursday, May 04, 2006

Unlimited Plan - BSNL announced Unlimited Broadband Plan

Unlimited Broadband Plan from BSNL
The much awaited unlimited plan is announced for BSNL Broadband.
BSNL offers Unlimited Usage Plan on Broadband w.e.f. 1-5-2006 under home plan segment. Detail of tariff is given below:

Tariff HomeUL 900 Plus
Bandwidth 256 Kbps
Single User
Monthly Charges (Rs) 900
Modem Rental P.M. (Rs) 100 ( incase modem taken on rent)
Annual Charges (Rs) 9000
Download/ Upload Limit Unlimited
Free E-mail IDs/Space 2 / 5 MB
Voice Rental (Rs/month) Zero
MCU Charges/Pulse 1.00
Minimum Hire Period One Month
Security Deposit One Month Rental

Thursday, April 27, 2006

Security Tip - for Broadband Users

Important security tips!
For the broadband users saving their username and password in the ADSL Modem, please take care to block the Remote Configuration facility of your ADSL modem. If possible install a personal firewall like zonealarm to prevent the pottential hackers.
BSNL has taken all the security measures like port binding etc to misuse of broadband user ids. Still these security tip will help you to prevent unwanted http server attacks also.
If you have any problem for configuration post a comment for this thread.

Saturday, April 22, 2006

ADSL Modem configuration

D-Link and Huawei are two major suppliers of ADSL modems in India.
Configuration for different models Of Modem will be described in detail.

Basic Configuration

If your PC has a network card and your OS is Windows XP...
Assign IP to your PC.
Connect your ADSL Modem.
Create an network connection ( WAN MiniPort PPPoE) for DataOne.
Enter your username & password and click connect.
Now you are connected to BSNL Broadband
Start browsing.

DNS Servers for DataOne users

The following are the main DNS servers for BSNL Broadband.
Use any two of this IPs are DNS server.

Welcome to BSNL Broadband Information.

Find about the DataOne Broadband Internet Service. BSNL is providing this serive in almost all major towns in India.